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Installing Nift

There are a number of different ways you can install Nift on all of Linux, OSX and Windows. This page outlines how to install Nift:

Linux installation using Snap

You can install Nift on linux using the Snap package manager, for instructions see here. Alternatively first install snapd, eg. sudo apt-get install snapd on Ubuntu, then enter:

						snap install nsm
						sudo snap alias nsm nift

To uninstall Nift enter sudo snap unalias nift and snap remove nsm.

Windows installation using Chocolatey

You can install Nift on Windows using Chocolatey. First install Chocolatey, then follow the instructions here, or alternatively enter:

						choco install nsm --version 1.1

To uninstall Nift enter choco uninstall nsm.

Windows installation from executable

Download this executable and this executable then place them anywhere in your user's path, eg. in C:\Windows\system32.

Instructions for installing Nift from source on:

  1. linux
  2. osx
  3. windows